PROPEL is the brand name under which IPPL markets its auto gas or auto LPG. IPPL manufactured auto gas has an octane number of 88-90 to ensure steady performance of your car engines.

It is clean, and helps increase the life span of the engine of your vehicle. It is free of most pollutants and can easily make the environment cleaner by reducing your carbon footprint. The fuel stands as a cleaner option, and there are very low carbon deposits on vehicular engines. It can save a lot of fuel expenses on your end.

It reduces carbon deposits in your vehicle engine, thereby enhancing its performance and reducing its maintenance. You can easily lower your fuel costs by 30% or even more, which is reason enough for you to opt for a conversion and switch to Propel for your vehicle.

IPPL manufactures PROPEL in its highly advanced facility at Ennore and Haldia, in accordance with BIS 14861. We have lots of dispensing stations across the country and many more are in the pipeline to ensure that you will never run out of supply and will always find a station. One of the fastest growing Auto LPG suppliers in India, we enjoy the loyalty of customers.

Whether you need fuel for a single car or a fleet of vehicles for your company, you will easily be able to get your needs fulfilled with us at our standalone stations/bunkers. We are a renowned provider of high quality auto LPG, which is safe to use and burns in a clean manner. Over the last decade, we have been providing safe and clean auto fuel to our customers across varied locations in India. We are striving to reduce customer dependence on traditional fuels and help make the environment cleaner.