Propane is a colorless and odurless gas and is produced as a by-product of petroleum refining and natural gas processing. Widely used today as a fuel, Propane is needed for various application across the industry.

IPPL expands and evolves to provide a diversified range of products to cater to varied industries specific demands of PROPANE.

Propane naturally occurs as a gas at atmospheric pressure but can be liquefied if subjected to moderately increased pressure. It is stored and transported in its compressed liquid form and is vaporized into a gas for use. A unique feature of propane is that it is not produced for its own sake, but is a by-product of two other processes, natural gas processing and petroleum refining.

Propane is a smart way to reduce energy costs significantly, and also lower your carbon footprint at the same time. Your Furnace/Boiler run on propane or a mixture of Propane and Butane.

IPPL is one of the biggest suppliers of propane gas in India, and serves in many commercial, industrial areas. We are a reliable provider of Propane for varied uses, and have distribution locations across the country to serve the needs of our customers.

We store Propane at our own state of the art facility at Haldia and Ennore, and supply the gas to industries through tankers. Clients get safe and completely reliable fuel option with Propane supplied from our facilities. Our staffs also monitor your level of propane at regular intervals, to ensure that you never run out of fuel.