LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a cleaner and more efficient fuel option for heating up homes, industries and commercial areas. LPG is often constituted of a homogeneous mixture of Propane and Butane. For its narrow flammability range of 2- 10% and high auto ignition temperature it is one of the safest fuel.

LPG is popular for its versatile uses. It can be used for cooking, cutting metals, central heating, food processing, chemical engineering, fabrication and more. It is also used as a fuel in vehicles. As opposed to standard fuel, such as diesel or petrol, LPG is a green and cleaner fuel which does not release many air pollutants.

IPPL offers LPG around India through bulk tankers and for clients who need the gas in bulk quantities for regular use, we arrange special storage tanks. We examine, inspect and preserve all the tanks according to the LPG code of practice.

IPPL on line blending facilities present at Ennore and Haldia to produce LPG in various ratios depending upon where it will be used as fuel. While supplying the gas, we follow all the safety standards starting from unloading of ship, storing it from refrigerated form, blending it and filling it in bulk tankers at our terminals.

LPG : A wealth of advantages

LPG offers a myriad of advantages for end-users as well as for the community as a whole. Simplicity of use, transport and storage are combined with its immediate availability and limited impact on the environment.

If you are still using oil for your home or business needs, you can save up to 40% of your daily fuel expenses and save up to 50% carbon by switching to LPG. Switch to LPG today, and reduce your carbon footprint as well as costs.

LPG Furnace:

If you are considering switching to an LPG furnace, IPPL is on your side! LPG furnace can help you burn fuel cleaner while cooking – whether for domestic or industrial purposes. Its ability to provide high energy at lower costs has made LPG one of the best cleaner fuels for customers.

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is made of Propane, Butane or a blend of Propane and Butane. At IPPL, we use propane and butane to manufacture different kinds of LPG furnaces. Our LPG furnaces are unsaturated fat free, which makes them more long-lasting. This is what has helped us get more customers looking for our products.

As a leading supplier of LPG furnaces, we are fully committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Choosing a reliable, safe furnace should be one of your prime considerations for industrial use. You can trust all your needs to be fulfilled properly with IPPL. Our furnaces are designed to give you comfort over a long time, and are completely dependable.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with top quality LPG furnaces, at lower prices than our competitors. We aim to serve the community, and our products are loved by our highly valued customers.

LPG Pipeline:

IPPL is a major and trusted source of installing reticulation storage facility for LPG.

We have many years of experience in setting up LPG installation at customer places. Our long years of experience in the LPG industry as well as experience in working with reputed installers help us in this regard.

Our engineers have the knowledge, skills, experience and technical expertise to set up LPG reticulation & storage.

LPG For Glass & Ceramics:

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a natural fuel used in a wide range of industries, including the Glass & Ceramics industry. The making of glass and ceramic products gets complicated due to numerous chemical reactions that arise during the manufacture process. LPG is a clean fuel which helps the technical issues which are associated to making of these products. LPG can easily be controlled and it is able to compliment the heating method.

Glass melting involves complicated operations and includes supplying a high amount of heat. Although cheaper fuels can be used, technical issues might ensue and hamper the quality of the items being made. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a high quality fuel and helps remove such problems which can occur at the time of melting. The manufacturing of high quality glass and ceramics products needs clean as well as sulfur-free fuel in order to avoid fall in quality.

At IPPL, we import butane and propane completely free of sulfur – which is accepted widely in the ceramics and glass industry. We supply superior LPG to HNG, AGI, RAK, Endeka Ceramics, Silica Cermacia, Sentini Cermaics and many other advanced glass and ceramic companies.

LPG For Foam & Aerosol:

IPPL is the supplier of a special type of LPG to the aerosol industry, which comes in a perfect grade and blend that promises terrific performance. IPPL provides a tailored made product which suits individual customer requirement with the help of its online blending facility at the terminals. IPPL is also the supplier of low vapour pressure LPG with controlled / nil mercaptan dosing for foam industry.

LPG In Boiler:

Boilers which run on LPG are more efficient, considering the fact that LPG is a high-energy fuel. LPG boilers require small-sized main burner kits, and can save energy up to 90% every year. It can be recreated from traditional natural gas boilers or purchased in ready to use form.

At IPPL, we supply LPG to a wide range of industries which are making use of steam for their processes. In industrial regions, LPG boilers are supplied with an individual or a central storage tank having a capacity of 1000 – 2000 L, and can be refilled conveniently when empty.

LPG boilers prove to be a perfect gas substitute for industries lacking a mains gas supply. Due to the higher efficiency and energy-saving capabilities, LPG boilers are able to reduce carbon emissions and annual fuel costs. As compared to traditional mains gas, LPG flows under higher pressure. Since the boiler jets tend to be smaller in size, the operational costs are reduced than when standard boilers are used.

We supply LPG in large tanks which can be refilled easily, and these contain up to 2000 liters of liquefied petroleum gas. These can also be refilled by cylinders and exchangeable bottles. You can rely on us for your LPG in boiler requirements.

LPG In Food and Drug Industries:

LPG offers the highest level of heating performance. It is also much more responsive than other types of fuel, which makes it perfect for use in the food and drug industry where it is essential to have control over heat. Its versatility makes it ideal for varied cooking processes, which include mobile barbecues and tabletop burners. It can be suitable for heating purposes as well as during the manufacturing of foods and medicines.

IPPL supplies LPG to food and drug industry units, and we make sure that our LPG is free of mercaptan so that the quality of drugs and foods produced is of the highest order. With our safe and reliable LPG, you can easily boost the performance of your business. Our supplied LPG meets all the safety requirements and regulations in India, and we have been able to satisfy all types of clients in the food and drug industry.

We have large storage along with dedicated fleets, which means you will never have to stop operations due to lack of fuel.