Fuel for Steel Industry Gas:

LPG is a useful fuel used increasingly in the steel industry. The rising concerns about global warming have led to steel manufacturing units facing the heat from environmental agencies. Most steel making companies are using LPG for the manufacturing process, as it burns cleaner and is considered safer for the ecosystem.

IPPL is a proud supplier of superior LPG to the steel industry in India. Our SR grade LPG is suitable for different processes associated to the development of steel, right from heat treatment to the cutting of slabs. In the last decade, we have managed to become one of the most trusted suppliers of some reputed business houses such as Jindal, Tata and Bhushan.

We are a supplier of high quality, clean LPG which is appropriate for versatile purposes. For any step related to manufacturing, LPG proves to be useful and does a cleaner job than standard fuels. It does not release any harmful pollutants which pose risks for the community and the environment.

If you would like to use LPG along the various stages of steel making, you can get the ideal heat source from our end. We are a reliable LPG provider and you can easily count on us!