Conversion Advantages for Liquid Fuel Users


— Increased Life of Burners And Hence Low Maintenance

Instantly Controllable Flame Temperature

Lower Corrosion Related Effects

— Produces Controllable Temperature

— Easy To Avoid Scaling And Decarburising Of Parts

— Installation Requirements Reduce Danger Of Spillage

Vaporizes At Atmospheric Temperature And Pressure

— Sulphur Free Emissions More Environmentally Desirable

— Very High Efficiency With Direct Firing System

— The Right Quality Of Gas For Your Particular Application

— Clean Burning No Carbon Deposits

Excellent Temperature Control

— Flame Temperature 1980 Deg C

Environmentally Friendly Fuel

Consistent Product Quality Guaranteed

— Delivery At Your Doorstep in a professional manner

Guaranteed Continuity Of LPG/Propane Supply

Integrated Storage Infrastructure at Zero Cost.

— 24 Hrs Emergency Support

Free Technical Advice On Design Of Gas Systems, Burners Etc.