Customer Care
Promising & Delivering

IPPL's provides best returns as the most cost-effective LPG solutions with ease of accessibility through:

Apex Management......

— Small, compact and efficient

— Always available to the customers

— Solves problems, if any, ensuring customer satisfaction and delivery of loads even at odd hours

Customer Support Cell......

— A dedicated Customer Service Division assures easy dispatch of products

— Ensures smooth and easy telecom transactions

— Marketing Associates maintains close liaison with nationwide customers

Technical knowledge Back-up.....

— Provides energy and safety information to customers

— Assures optimization of consumption of Propane / Butane / LPG

Commercial Flexibility......

Sale against credit - Credit facilities are provided whereby customers enter into a sale-purchase agreement against collaterals like Bank Guarantee / Corporate Guarantee, etc.

Advance payment - Loads are dispatched on receipt of demand drafts or pay orders or at par cheques or by transfer of funds into bank accounts of IPPL

Service Package for Bulk Customers.......

— Gas Storage Facility at minimum capital investment.

— CUSTOMER to provide Bank Guarantee based on the CAPEX.

— Fully transparent pricing module based on international pricing parameters

— Delivered supply to the client with complete logistic support.

— Trouble and hassle free gas supplies to the consumer.

— Gas supplies through Bulk storage generally takes 4-5 months.