IPPL has a state of the art facility at Haldia and Ennore which can store butane at atmospheric pressure under refrigerated condition and is sold to various domestic and industrial customers. Butane is mainly a hydrocarbon, and is a highly combustible gas under low pressure. It is ideal to use as an aerosol propellant, for the polymerization of polyethylene and for creating gas lighters and Styrofoam.

It is used for calibrating instruments, as a refrigerant and also as a food additive. This high energy fuel is combined to Propane in specific amounts to create LPG. When added to gasoline, it improves the quality and performance of the latter without increasing its flammability. In refrigerators at homes, it is used as a substitute for methane derivatives because of the damages that are caused to the ozone layer by methane.

IPPL is one of the major suppliers of Butane gas today in India. We enjoy the loyalty and love of many customers who like to choose our products over those of our rivals due to our incomparable product quality, service and support to clients.

We have our own advanced facility at Ennore and Haldia, equipped with all modern equipments to store butane in a refrigerated form at atmospheric pressure. We sell Butane to different industrial and domestic clients. You can order Butane tankers from IPPL for your industrial / commercial use.