Propane / Butane import / export terminals of IPPL at Haldia (West Bengal) and Ennore (Tamil Nadu) undertakes the receipt of Propane / Butane ship tankers (both Imported and coastally moved), storage of Hydrocarbons in fully refrigerated state, blending, dosing and dispatched in bulk for oil PSU's in Eastern and Southern regions of India with a view to bridge the Demand Supply imbalance. IPPL is also leading parallel marketer of Propane / Butane / LPG in India. IPPL has a cumulative of 68,100 MT (approx) (Ennore: 33,600 MT, Haldia: 34,500 MT) of Propane, Butane & LPG, which it sources from international supplier and have tie-ups with them providing uninterrupted assured supply of meeting international standards to produce various mixes of LPG / Propane / Butane, meeting the requirements of industries.

The fully automated terminals at Ennore & Haldia with the most sophisticated technology has been recognized as a potential source of Auto LPG of the region and a Special approval for Blending of imported Propane & Butane to produce and market Auto LPG was granted by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India on 4th November, 2004.

IPPL is equipped to manufacture and supply products ranging from Straight run Imported Propane, Straight run Imported Butane with varying mix of ISO and Normal, Straight run LPG with varying mix of Propane and Butane, Hydrogenated C4 Mix, Automotive LPG and Zero Mercapatan LPG for aerosols, and within a short span of time has established itself as a natural source of fuel for industries focusing on heat treatment through Sealed Quenched Furnaces, Rotary Furnaces, Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnaces, Induction Hardening Machines, Endo Gas Generator for Annealing, Normalizing through case hardening, Carburizing, Carbo-nitriding and Induction Hardening heat treatment processes.

IPPL is PESO approved manufacturer of Auto LPG, has established outlets in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & West Bengal for dispensing Green fuel Auto LPG to vehicles, under brand name 'Propel' Auto gas.

IPPL is launching its packed LPG business for meeting the requirements of commercial application under brand name 'Propel' LP Gas.