IPPL is equipped to manufacture and supply products ranging from Straight run Imported Propane, Straight run Imported Butane with varying mix of Iso and Normal, Straight run LPG with varying mix of Propane and Butane, Hydrogenated C4 Mix, Automotive LPG and Zero Mercapatan LPG for aerosols, and within a short span of time has established itself as a natural source of fuel for industries focusing on heat treatment through Sealed Quenched Furnaces, Rotary Furnaces, Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnaces, Induction Hardening Machines, Endo Gas Generator for Annealing, Normalizing through case hardening , Carburizing, Carbo-nitriding and Induction Hardening heat treatment processes.

Some of the quality conscious customers who uplift regular supplies of Propane /LPG/Butane for use in various applications are TATA Steel, Jindal Group, Bhushan Group ,Supreme Industries, Timken, Heavy Vehicle Transmission Ltd.( Unit- TELCO) , Usha Martin, RAK Ceramics, The Himalayan Drug, SAIL(Bokaro & Durgapur), BRG Group, Steel Strips Wheels Ltd., Hindusthan National Glass, etc.

Bulk Non-Domestic LPG

Non-Domestic LPG refers to LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) that is used in non-domestic environments, such as commercial or industrial areas. It is used in construction industry, food processing industry, industrial heating and cooking purposes among other industries. It has varied uses, and is also used in aerosol sprays.

At IPPL, we produce Non domestic LPG at our terminals at Haldia and Ennore according to IS 4576. We provide LPG for industrial and commercial clients across different locations with the help of dedicated fleets. Whether you are in the construction, hospitality or smelting industry, you will be able to find a cleaner alternative fuel from our end to satisfy your needs.

We adhere to all the safety standards in manufacturing as well as in supplying LPG in bulk quantities. Although non-domestic LPG is used only by a smaller population, the number is growing steadily. At IPPL, we always aim to be a part of this growth and encourage the increasing use of this alternative fuel. We have proper arrangements and facilities to supply this green fuel to our valued customers across the country.

Industrial Bulk LPG

LPG has emerged as an alternative fuel and a cleaner fuel option for many industries. It is chosen for its high energy capability and versatility, which makes it suitable for diverse types of industries – whether steel making, food-processing, automobile or in non-ferrous sector. For industrial users who need large volumes of LPG to meet their fuel requirements, Bulk LPG supply is necessary.

At IPPL, we produce industrial bulk LPG at our Haldia and Ennore facilities according to IS 4576 to supply to our customers belonging to varied locations in different industries via our dedicated fleets. Irrespective of the type of industry that you belong to, you can bank upon on our LPG storage and delivery services at any time that you need.

We use tankers and bigger storage vessels to provide our deliveries, and refill your LPG tank right at your site. If you need clean, versatile LPG for your business, your search ends with us!

Non Domestic LPG:

The use of Non-domestic LPG is on the rise. In the last few years it has grown at a higher pace than domestic LPG, although it is still being used by a small number of people. Non-domestic LPG is actually LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) that is used for non-domestic purposes, such as in industrial or hotel cooking, in the food-processing industry, for welding, melting and cutting of metals.

Recently, the use of Non-domestic LPG has also been seen in segments like food grade container industries, poultry and animal husbandry. It is also used for surface construction and for melting bitumen during the construction of roads. It is also used as a major component in aerosol sprays. In India, oil companies are trying to limit the use of domestic LPG for commercial purposes. Non domestic LPG is being seen as the ideal solution for commercial uses.

Non domestic LPG is manufactured by IPPL according to IS 4576 at our Haldia and Ennore facilities, in order to cater to the fuel needs of our customers from wide variety of industries at different locations of India. We are a supplier of clean, high quality fuel that adheres to the safety standards of the country, and can be used without any safety concerns regarding the community and the environment.

Industrial LPG

LPG is increasingly being used in more and more industries, due to its versatility and giving a cleaner combustion than other solid & liquid of fuels. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is generally only propane, only butane or a combination of the two.

All through India, we supply LPG to different types of industries. At IPPL, we use bulk tanks to supply it to industries. Our aim is to use our state of the art technology and expertise to deliver high quality, safe and more dependable LPG to our customers and meet their energy requirements.

IPPL is one of the biggest suppliers of LPG for industrial purposes. We use our online blending facility at Haldia and Ennore to create industrial LPG according to BIS 4576. We carry out the blending according to the needs of our clients.