Automotive LPG is a mixture of Butane and Propane in varied percentages. It is also known by the name ‘Autogas, and stands as the most practical standard fuel substitute. It acts as the perfect alternative to petrol and diesel, and is used in over 100 countries around the globe. It is a legal auto fuel in India. LPG is a practical solution to the constantly increasing pollution on the Indian roads.

A vapor under standard pressure, LPG is a safe liquid under higher pressure and is safe to use. It can easily be dispensed to vehicles from storage tanks just like petrol and diesel. It is generally free of any type of contaminant, which helps it to burn in a clean manner. It leads to very low varnish and carbon deposits within the engine, and can significantly improve the engine life. Compared to petrol, LPG has a competitive cost and can help save about 30% more fuel costs.

IPPL is a leading supplier of Automotive LPG to individual customers as well as fleets for different types of businesses. We blend autogas in our facilities at Haldia and Ennore. With hundreds of independent service stations across the nation, we have been satisfying the needs of millions of motorists and assisting them with cost benefits.

If you are concerned about rising fuel costs, and also wish to reduce your carbon footprint and save the environment, it is a better idea to switch to Auto LPG. We have been helping thousands of vehicle owners to switch to the cleaner fuel LPG, and enhance their engine life.

You can get the best fuel for your daily needs from us. We provide auto gas via toroidal tanks and cylindrical tanks, strong enough for storage and transportation. We offer the cleanest fuel, and our supplies meet all the standards for Automotive LPG in India.